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Tell-Tale Signs a Cat Is Pregnant

Tell-Tale Signs a Cat Is Pregnant

Are you concerned your cat is pregnant? Look out for these symptoms.

One of the most common concerns cat owners have is whether or not their cat is pregnant. Cats typically become fertile at four months old and can have kittens for the rest of their lives; they do not have menopause like people do. Overall, their pregnancy lasts for around 63 days, or 9 weeks. If you are wondering about your own pet, you can review these signs below. If you need a trusted vet in the Baltimore area, Everhart Veterinary Medicine is here for you and your cat!

Signs a Cat Is Pregnant

Heat Cycle Ceases

A female cat will usually go into heat every ten days or so. You might have noticed a pattern. If your cat stops going into heat after some time, it could be that she is expecting.

Appetite Changes

At some point during her pregnancy, your pet’s appetite will increase. She is now feeding herself and at least several unborn kittens, so you might need to add an additional 50% helping to her meals.

Cat Gains Weight

Naturally, your cat will gain a little weight from the litter. You can expect her to gain about 2-4 pounds.

Stomach Looks Bloated

Different feline conditions could have an enlarged stomach as a symptom, but of course, it applies to pregnancy, too. Be gentle with the stomach, as pressing it could cause injury or even death to the unborn.

Nipples Enlarge & Color

At some point, your cat’s nipples will enlarge and pink up in color as her body prepares to feed newborn kittens. You might have to look closely if your cat has lots of fur.

Cat Sleeps More

Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they sleep most during the day and night and are most awake at low-light hours, such as twilight. Your cat will become more tired during pregnancy and sleep more than usual.

Nesting Habits Appear

Your cat might also begin to create a “nest” in which to give birth, a quiet, secluded place that she furnishes with blankets and defends from others. If your cat does display this behavior in an undesirable location, move her nesting materials to her box or cage so you can monitor her better.

What to Do If a Cat Is Pregnant

There are multiple ways to confirm that a cat is pregnant, such as an X-Ray or an ultrasound. If you are certain your cat is expecting, you can prepare by monitoring her birthing site and her health. 

Make plans on what to do with the kittens after they are born, such as arranging for adoptions. 

If you want to prevent your cat from having future pregnancies, schedule an appointment for spaying as soon as possible, as cats can become pregnant two weeks after giving birth.

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