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Can My Cat Eat Grass?

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Has your cat ever eaten grass? Here’s what this could do for your pet.

Sometimes, our pets can get into strange things and ingest strange objects, and grass is one of the most common. The unpleasant side of grass ingestion for cats is that they often throw up afterward. Naturally, you would ask, “Can my cat eat grass? Is it safe? What should I do?” The answers to these questions and more lie below.

Can My Cat Eat Grass?

Can your cat eat grass unharmed? Technically, yes. Although the regurgitation is unpleasant for both you and your cat, it is not the end of the world and could be part of the process necessary to receive the benefits of eating grass. The only concern is the effect of chemicals that could be on the grass, such as pesticides and fertilizers. Keep your cat away from grass that clearly has been treated for weeds, insects, etc. If your pet tends to eat foliage, make sure your houseplants are safe for cats.

Why Does My Cat Eat Grass?

The real reason why some cats eat grass is not clear, but there are a few theories, namely the three below.

The Nutritious Benefits of Folic Acid

Grass contains folic acid, which is also present in a cat’s mother’s milk. Folic acid is beneficial to cats for the creation of the protein hemoglobin, red blood cells, DNA synthesis, etc. All of these elements assist in everyday bodily functions.

Help Break Down Food

Grass can also help break down some foods so that they become more digestible. In other words, grass can act as a laxative to help cats with an upset stomach. Once food gets deep enough into the cat’s digestive tract, it might have the intuition to know that a little fresh grass can help it break down the food completely.

Cleanse the Body of Indigestible Foods

It can also work the other way, which is where the throwing up comes in handy. Eating grass and then expelling it can help it also get out any other indigestible materials in its system. Eating grass can help your cat deal with indigestion. 

All in all, nibbling grass can actually be a form of self-treatment that saves you a trip to the vet. Can your cat eat grass? Yes!

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