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National Pet Poison Prevention Month

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It’s National Pet Poison Prevention Month! Learn more about this important issue.

Accidental poisoning can happen easily if you are not careful and your pet gets too curious. Thousands of pet poisonings happen in America every year, and each year, the statistics are slightly different. All in all, accidental pet poisoning is preventable, and an educated, proactive home will significantly help prevent it from happening. Here’s to National Pet Poison Prevention Month!

What Is National Pet Poison Prevention Month?

National Pet Poison Prevention Month is every March. It is a month to bring awareness to this significant but preventable problem. Animals are often food-motivated and can easily ingest something they shouldn’t, and not all pet owners might be prepared with the knowledge and safeguards to protect their pets. National Pet Poison Prevention Month is a time when vets can educate pet owners and pet owners can remember to take preventative measures.

Pet Poison Prevention Tips

Understand All Pet Household Toxins

The first step for pet owners to take is to know all household items that are toxic to their pets. You could find poisonous but ingestible objects in every room, from the garage to the attic. Rodenticides, chocolates, onions, prescription drugs, vitamin supplements, Xylitol, and fragrances are just a few on the long list. 

Safeguard Food, Medicine, Etc.

Once you know the beauty products, foods, plants, cleaning supplies, and other items that your pet must not ingest, take measures to keep them from its reach. Keep medicines, foods, and chemicals off the floor and child-proof the cabinet doors if necessary. 

Train Your Pet 

Good training can prevent a lot of pet problems, including ingesting what it shouldn’t. Train your pets to stay off the kitchen countertops and tables. Keep them from chewing on household plants, or only have plants that are non-toxic to your pets.

Supervise Your Pet

Even if your pet is an excellent, obedient one, make sure to supervise it, especially outdoors. Outside, you might need to call your pet away from unsecured garbage bins, chemically-treated lawns, and pavement treated for ice. 

Keep Your Pet Engaged

If your pet has its own toys, snacks, etc., to sink its teeth into, it will be easier for it to leave toxic foods, medicines, and other items alone. Make sure your pet is not so bored that it gets into things it shouldn’t.

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