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Why Your Dog Smells Bad: Possible Reasons

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Does your dog smell worse than dirty? Check if it’s any of these reasons.

Does your dog smell unusually bad? You know it has been better, but you find yourself searching online why your dog smells like fish, fritos, or yeast. There are multiple possibilities, and it will behoove you to consider your pet’s hygienic habits and inspect parts of its body that are probable sources. That being said, here are several reasons why your dog smells bad.

Too Many Baths

One reason is that you are trying to clean your dog too often, and the frequent baths are actually making it smell worse. If your pet’s skin gets too dry and you are using low-quality shampoos on top of it, it may start producing an excessive amount of sebum, a natural oil that helps keep its skin supple. 

Skin Infections

Another possibility for odor is that your pet has a skin infection. There is a normal population of bacteria and yeast in different areas of the body, but when there is an insult to the skin or an allergy, the populations can overgrow, leading to pustules or crusts and various odors. If you suspect that your pet is experiencing issues with the skin, please see your local veterinarian for treatment.  

Ear Infections

An ear infection could also be the source of festering bacteria and yeast that makes your dog smell bad. In fact, a bad smell from the ear is a sign of a possible ear infection, along with redness, swelling, discharge, head shaking, and scratching.

Anal Sac Inflammation

Anal sac glands express the unique odor of each dog, which is why canines sniff each other’s behinds to identify them. If the sacs fail to empty properly because of diarrhea or another reason, fluid can build up inside them and cause inflammation and redness. It can also be the cause of an awful, fishy smell. Have your vet deal with the sensitive problem.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Just like people can have bad breath, so can dogs. Poor dental hygiene can make your dog’s mouth smell absolutely pungent, in a terrible way. Start with brushing its teeth; if it is not possible, have your vet perform a teeth cleaning. 

Ultimately, seeing your local veterinarian is the best way to figure out why your dog might smell bad. If you are in the Baltimore area, Everhart Veterinary Hospital is happy to see you and your pet.

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