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How to Tell If a Fluffy Dog Is Overweight

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Can you tell if a long-haired dog is overweight? Here’s how you can know.

Obesity has been a long-standing problem for pets and people alike across countries. It is easy to not see your pet’s weight problems, if there are any, especially since you live together every day and might not see noticeable changes. It is even harder to tell if you have a long-haired dog, where the real body shape is hidden completely. How can you tell if a fluffy dog is overweight?

See a Vet to Know for Sure

It is best to see your local veterinarian to know if your pet is overweight or not for sure. Your vet’s professional experience will give you the most accurate determination of its weight health. If your fluffy friend is a bit flabby, then your vet can recommend how to put your pet on a diet and its weight goal.

Can You Tell If a Fluffy Dog Is Overweight?

Is There a Waistline?

With a short-haired dog, you should be able to stand above your pet and see a more or less symmetrical indentation on either side, indicating a clear waistline. If your pet is bulging, it is likely overweight. 

For long-haired dogs, you will have to determine this by feel. It is harder to do it if your dog has a very dense coat. You can also ask your vet to be the judge.

Has Your Pet’s Appearance Changed?

Take a look at older photos of your dog, particularly when your vet judged it to be at its peak health. Has your dog’s appearance changed for the chubbier? You will know by seeing if its face has gotten rounder and signs of excess skin, but its face may be the greatest indicator. 

Can You Feel a Ribcage?

View your pet from the side and see if you can make out a ribcage. Its breathing should help you see some definition. Once again, feeling for your pet’s ribcage will give you a more accurate assessment if your dog has a thick coat. 

Getting in Shape Is Worth It!

Your dog’s metabolism will slow down as it ages, and change happens. At the same time, keeping your dog’s weight as healthy as possible can extend your pet’s life by about two years! Getting in shape takes work, but it is worth it!

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