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How to Protect Your Pets in a Hurricane

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Is a hurricane coming? Prepare your pets using these tips.

It isn’t uncommon for Maryland to experience severe weather in the form of hurricanes and even tornadoes. Despite how rarely hurricanes make landfall in the Old Line State, Marylanders know that hurricanes could happen anytime between June and November. Although it is rare for extreme weather damage to occur, it is best to be ready at all times. Here are a few practical tips to protect your pets in a hurricane.

Microchip Your Pet and Use Collars

The first way to prepare is to secure your pet’s identity. A pet identification collar might include its home address, owner’s name, and phone number. A pet collar is the traditional form of identification, but in a disaster, it could get lost. Microchipping your pet will let it have a permanent identification tag that a local vet could scan to discover its owner’s contact information.

Prepare a Bug-Out Bag for Your Pets

When preparing for a hurricane, you will want to prepare for your whole household. Create an emergency bag specifically for your pets. What should you include?


Include an envelope with your pet’s contact and veterinary papers. Include the veterinarian’s name and contact information, your pet’s medical records, its feeding schedule, and accurate photos. 

Food and Water

Store at least a week to a month’s supply of food and bottled water for each pet. Dry food will typically suffice, but you will want to tailor each emergency food supply to each pet’s dietary needs. Be sure to use up and replenish your emergency store if the food nears an expiration date.


Your pet might not be able to relieve itself in normal conditions, so pack toiletries to keep things sanitary. These toiletries would include pee pads, poop bags, pet wipes, litter boxes, and whatever else would be appropriate for your particular pet.


If your dog takes regular medicine, be sure to pack a month’s supply and keep an eye on its expiration date. Include a first aid kit for pets should yours ever sustain an injury.

Extra Leashes

Extra leashes with reflective tape will help you keep your dog with you during the day and night. You never know if you’ll need an extra leash or two!

Roomy Carrier

If you need to evacuate your pet or protect it in a safe container, include a roomy carrier in your emergency bug-out bundle. If your pet has to stay in this crate for a long time in a disaster, it should be large enough for it to stand, turn around, and stretch.

Have a Backup Plan

Include a backup plan for where your pet can stay if not with you. Have a contact in mind or an evacuation center that will take pets. If you need to send your pet elsewhere, be prepared with this information.

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