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Follow These Easter Pet Safety Tips!

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Have a safe and happy Easter with your pets!

Easter is a holiday people celebrate in different ways. No matter how you celebrate it, it’s always fun for your pets to join the festivities. Dog and cat owners need to be aware of the different dangers that holiday foods and decorations pose. Follow these Easter pet safety tips for a safe and happy holiday!

Know the Pet Hazards of Easter Celebrations

The first step is to learn what the pet hazards of Easter celebrations are. Unfortunately, there is a risk of your dog or cat eating something it shouldn’t, especially if it is young. The main types of dangers your pet could face during Easter include the following:

  • Easter dinners: Some human food and salted food is toxic to dogs and cats. Raw foods like garlic and onion are also poisonous to pets. Make sure your pets do not steal a portion of your ingredients when you’re preparing the meal!
  • Easter candy: Chocolate and anything containing xylitol is hazardous to dogs and cats. Dogs cannot eat grapes or raisins either, so keep raisin candies and grapes out of their reach.
  • Easter grass: This decorative plastic grass makes Easter baskets look great, but they could become choking or digestive hazards in pets.
  • Plastic Easter eggs: If you have a pet that loves to bite things to bits, be careful it does not chew up and swallow your plastic Easter eggs. Keep a list of where all hidden eggs are and secure them before your pet does.
  • Easter plants: Lilies, cyclamen, and amaryllis can be deadly to dogs and cats.

Supervise Your Pet around Hazards

If you are unsure your dog or cat will leave toxic items like plants and decorations alone, it is best to supervise them when they are in the vicinity of these things. 

Train Your Pet to Leave Items Alone

Among all Easter pet safety tips, training is the number one tip. If your pet has the discipline to leave human items alone, you can trust it to not get into danger if you aren’t in the room.

Have a Pet Emergency Number on Hand

It’s still best to be ready for any situation. Keep the national or local pet emergency number in your phone’s contacts list. If you live in Baltimore or Pasadena, Maryland, call Everhart Veterinary Hospital.

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