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How to Prevent Matted Dog Hair

Groomer with a dog

Keep your dog’s hair matt-free with these helpful tips!

Matted dog hair can be a pain. Matted hair is no fun for your pet and dealing with it isn’t either, but it will only get worse if you leave it alone. It can be easy to not notice matting on your dog, but these steps to prevent matted dog hair will help you keep your pet’s coat looking and feeling great.

How to Prevent Matted Dog Hair

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Matted dog hair is essentially dog hair that becomes so tangled that it forms one mass, like a sheet of fur. You can easily avoid the tangles getting out of control by brushing your dog regularly with the proper tools. How you brush your pet will depend on its coat type. It’s a good idea to brush your dog at least weekly.

Remove Debris from Your Dog Immediately

Did your pet come back from the woods or a long walk full of fall leaves, spiky seed balls, mulch, and more? Remove all clippings, leaf bits, shavings, and nature from your dog as humanly possible when your pet comes home to avoid dirt mingling with tangled dog hair.

Take Your Pet to Regular Groom Visits

Professional pet grooming ensures your dog can look and feel its best. The groomer can also help you identify problems and give you expert advice on how to fix and prevent them. How often to take your pet to the groomer depends on your dog’s breed and grooming needs. Long-haired breeds tend to need grooming more often. 

If you notice any sudden or abnormal changes to your pet’s coat, contact your veterinarian.

Limit the Time Your Pet Wears Clothes

The more your dog’s coat rubs against another material, like the floor or pet clothing, the more likely mats will form. If your pet is very sedentary, is recovering from surgery, or wears coats or clothing, check the areas where the coat meets the most friction to comb out the hair regularly. To prevent matted dog hair, it’s best to limit how long your pet wears clothes.

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