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How to Care for Dogs with Wrinkly Skin

Young French Bulldog on the visit to the vet.

Keep your bulldog and other wrinkly breeds beautiful with these care tips!

April 21st is Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, and to celebrate, we will look at how to care for our wrinkly canine friends. Each dog breed has specific grooming tips, so it is best to look up a grooming article for your specific dog breed for more details. On the whole, how to care for dogs with wrinkly skin is a straightforward process.

What Happens with Dirty Wrinkly Dog Skin

Dirty wrinkly skin on your pug, Basset hound, mastiff, bulldog, etc., has the ill effects you might expect on your own skin if it were dirty. Dirt or food that gets stuck in those wrinkles can begin to deteriorate and cause a bad odor. Even worse, it can eventually cause your dog to itch and have reddened, irritated, and even infected skin. 

Daily Grooming

To avoid these problems, you can give your dog a sufficient daily grooming session. You can use a number of products to wipe in between the folds of your dog’s skin, including canine wipes, baby wipes, cotton balls, sterilized gauze, and a clean washcloth. Do not apply rubbing alcohol, as it will dry out your pet’s skin. 

Gently go between each skin fold and swipe your cleaning tool of choice down the groove until it is clean. Once you have cleaned out every deep wrinkle, dry the skin to prevent unhealthy moisture buildup in the skin folds.


Your vet can recommend you the best washing schedule. In general, you could wash your dog every week to once every four weeks. When you bathe your dog, use a dog-friendly shampoo; human shampoo will not work for canines. Wash thoroughly between every skinfold to get out the most dirt and rinse just as thoroughly. Use a towel to dry off your dog and let its fur air dry. 

What to Do If Your Dog Has a Skin Issue

If you notice that your wrinkly dog has a skin problem, such as redness or itchiness, contact your vet so you can get to the root cause. Your vet may take a sample and send it to the lab for identification. If there is an infection, your vet will likely prescribe antibiotics and an anti-itch ointment.

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