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Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Black dogs are great! If you’re looking to adopt, here’s why to consider a black dog.

Are you thinking of adopting a new dog soon? Many factors go into choosing a pet that’s right for your household, along with the knowledge of how to take care of it well in all life stages. When adopting a pet, one factor you might want to consider is which dogs tend to get left behind. Unfortunately, black pets are the most likely to stay in the shelter, which is only one of the reasons to adopt a black dog.

What Is Black Dog Syndrome?

Black dog syndrome is the habit of passing over black dogs in favor of light-colored dogs. It is a non-conscious phenomenon that could have several causes, such as an inability to see the animal as clearly as a lighter one and cultural conceptions of black animals as unfriendly.

Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Go Against Black Dog Syndrome

As mentioned, the very fact that black dogs tend to be more overlooked than lighter-colored dogs could be a reason to pay closer attention to them. They have personalities just as bright and are as lovable as any other dog; there could be one just for you!

Use Black Dog Syndrome to Your Advantage

If you are looking for a guard dog, then you could use black dog syndrome to your advantage. If a suspicious character hears a dog barking from the depths of darkness, it would put them more off-guard. The common misperception that black dogs are scarier could also put off criminals.

See Pet Hair More Easily

A surprising reason to adopt a black dog would be to keep your home cleaner. Black dogs could get away with being dirtier, because it is harder to see dirt on them, but it will be easier to see shed pet hair in your house, and so clean it up faster.

Natural Heat Source

Black dogs naturally absorb more heat from the light, which makes them a comforting heat source on chilly days. Be careful, however, that your black pet does not overheat in summer!

Look Great in Outings

A superficial reason to avoid getting a black dog is that they are not photogenic. On top of that, it is a false reason. Properly groomed, black dogs look smart and clean. They look great with you at a black-tie event, a Halloween party, or just a walk in the park.

Have a Wonderful Pet!

Various dog breeds have a range of coat colors, some all black. Poodles, Labradors, Scottish Terriers, and Newfoundlands are just a few great family dogs that come in black. 

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