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National Lost Pet Prevention Month

National Lost Pet Prevention Month

National Lost Pet Prevention Month is a time to remember the best practices for keeping your pet safe.

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, a time dedicated to recognizing the many pets that get lost over the beginning of July and throughout the years. It is a time to remember what to do to prevent your pet from becoming lost, a situation that no one ever wants. Even the safest pet owners can benefit from remembering this national month and these helpful tips!

National Lost Pet Prevention Month

National Lost Pet Prevention Month began when PetHub launched it in 2014. Statistically, the number of lost pets submitted to shelters rose dramatically right after the July 4th weekend. Animals can become scared and want to flee their immediate location due to the crowds and fireworks, leading to higher cases of lost pets. Sadly, the percentage of pets that return home is slim, and for dogs, it is only 17%.

Tips for Lost Pet Prevention

Have Pet Identification

One of the very first steps to prevent your pet from getting lost is to give it some form of identification. Microchipping is one way to have your contact information available for anyone who finds your pet and brings it to a local shelter or vet. One cannot overstate the effectiveness of identification collars, either.

Have Paperwork Together

Along with identification, you can also stay prepared by having your pet’s paperwork kept in one place. If you need to prove your pet ownership, you will have all the documents you might need to retrieve your pet quickly.

Train Your Dog to “Come” and “Stay”

Your dog’s cooperation is a powerful tool to keep it safe as well. Two of the first tricks you can teach your pet dog are “come” and “stay,” which can save your pet from getting out of control and keep it from a dangerous situation, like a busy road.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Keeping your dog on a leash when you walk outside is also a safeguard. One can learn more about how important it is here. There are also different kinds of collars that go with leashes, some more suitable than others for different dogs.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying or neutering your pets is also a surprisingly helpful way to keep them from getting lost. If not, they are more likely to wander or bolt due to their hormones or aggressive interactions. A spayed or neutered dog is more likely to stay calm.

Have Boundaries at Home

If you have a backyard, it is safer to have it fenced in and tall enough that your pet won’t jump over it. When you are not at home, keep your pet indoors. You don’t want your pet to escape home and be mistaken for a stray because it can’t get indoors. 

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