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Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

Pet Safety Tips for Halloween

It’s always important to take pet precautions during the holidays, including this coming Halloween!

Halloween is looming on the horizon of October, and many households have already put up their decorations. With many pets in many Maryland neighborhoods, there might be one or more in your home. As a pet owner, you likely know that Halloween celebrations could be a hazard for your pets. Below are some guideline pet safety tips that can make Halloween much smoother.

Keep Pets Indoors

Many pets, particularly dogs, are more likely to raise the alarm whenever anyone new stops by the house. If you expect trick-or-treaters to stop by your house, you could mitigate any stress your pets might experience by keeping them in a different part of the house, away from the front door.

Supervise Pets Outdoors

If you let your pet outdoors during Halloween evening, be sure to supervise it at all times. You should be able to trust that your pet will come to you when called and that it will not start chewing electrical wires or decorations. All in all, however, the safest place for your pets outdoors is an enclosed backyard. One does not want to risk a pet getting into an accident with decorations, a vehicle, or even cruel trick-or-treaters.

Train Your Pets

If you cannot trust your pets to not chew on artificial or natural decorations, blowups and pumpkins alike, it is best to train them so that you don’t always have to guard the decorations against your dogs or cats. Be sure to reward your pets when they behave well! 

No Candy for Pets!

Needless to say, Halloween candy is off-limits to cats, dogs, and all other pets. Chocolate and any item that contains xylitol are toxic to dogs and cats. If ingested, your pet may experience increased heart rate, rapid breathing, seizures, liver failure, vomiting, and death. Keep a close eye on your pet, train it to not eat the candy if needed, and keep it safely out of reach.

Are Costumes Okay?

One should be sure that the Halloween costume you use for your pet is safe for your pet, not risking any choking, tripping, or visibility hazards. You should also check to see if it is okay with your pet. They are individuals, too, and may have their own feelings of whether they like wearing a costume or not.

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