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Veterinary Team Appreciation Week 2021

Veterinary Team Appreciation Week 2021

Learn more about this year’s Veterinary Team Appreciation Week and more about us!

October 17-23, 2021, is Veterinary Team Appreciation Week, also known as National Veterinary Technician Week! Animals deserve the best of care, and owners deserve veterinarians who provide honest, high-quality care for their furry pets. At Everhart Veterinary Medicine, we are dedicated to bringing that level of service you and your pets deserve and are celebrating this week’s Veterinary Team Appreciation Week!

National Veterinary Technician Week

The National Veterinary Technician Week was founded by the not-for-profit association called the National Association of Veterinary Technicians (NAVTA.) It is celebrated by veterinary technicians across the country. This year’s theme is self-care for vets, as the past year and a half have been harsh for many, including vet care workers who put in long hours. 

Veterinarians work many hours in the examination rooms, operation rooms, and labs, having a heart of compassion for every pet that comes through the door. As our dogs, cats, and exotic pets are an important part of our lives, the work, skill, and commitment they give is something to appreciate and celebrate.

How Everhart Veterinary Medicine Celebrates

Everhart Veterinary Medicine, which includes Everhart Veterinary Hospital and Everhart Wellpet Center, celebrates Veterinary Team Appreciation Week 2021 with much festivity. Visit our social media pages and you’ll see what we mean: Sunday kicked off with a bonfire event where we enjoyed food, fellowship, and a campfire by the water, and Monday is Munchie Monday! Thanks to our Boehringer Ingelheim rep, we are enjoying “The Road to Our Heart Is Paved in Paw Prints” T-shirts too! 

What Everhart Veterinary Medicine Can Offer You

At Everhart Veterinary Medicine, we offer veterinary care for dogs, cats, and exotic animals such as guinea pigs, ferrets, and mice. We offer general and emergency services for your pet, including vaccinations, preventative care, surgery, dentistry, bathing, microchipping, and so much more. We are always accepting new patients and will make provisions for you for emergency treatment, no matter if you are new or old. Since 1956, our practice has grown from a word-of-mouth service to a family in state-of-the-art facilities in Baltimore and Pasadena, MD. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us for your pet’s veterinary care!

Trust the Care of Your Pet to the Professionals at Everhart Veterinary Medicine!

At Everhart Veterinary Medicine, our veterinary professionals strive to provide your pet with the very best of veterinary care. We believe that the best care for your pet should be provided by experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable veterinary professionals. With two Maryland locations in both Baltimore and Pasadena, we are always ready to welcome your pet as a new patient! Give us a call today at 410-355-3131 or 410-793-7670! For more information, as well as updates on veterinary news and topics, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn!

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