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Pro Tips for Clipping Dog Nails

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If your furry friend’s nails are ready for a trim, know these tips!

Clipping your pet’s nails is one of the routine care needs your pet has and is a part of grooming. If a dog’s nails go unattended, they can become painful and cause irreversible injury to the dog. It is more than just a cosmetic issue, which is why it’s important to keep up with it and do it the best way possible. If your pet gets stressed with the nail trimming process, here are some professional tips for clipping dog nails. 

Tips for Clipping Dog Nails

Introduce the Nail Clipper Slowly

If your pet is not used to the nail clipper or is nervous, introduce the tool to your pet until it feels comfortable and safe. Let it smell the clipper and be okay with you getting it in position to clip the nails. In addition to a gradual introduction, you can also give your dog a few treats to distract it while you do the job.

Steps to Clipping Dog Nails

  • Hold the paw firmly but gently: you can clip the nail from above or under the paw.
  • Expose the target nail: Clear any hair away, push the toe pad gently with your thumb while bringing your forefinger forward. 
  • Clip only the nail tip: Do not clip beyond the curve of the nail to avoid cutting the quick, the part of the dog’s nail that has blood vessels. Clip straight across the nail tip.

Introduce Your Pet to Nail Clipping Early

Some dog breeds and individuals will be much more nervous about trimming nails than others. Regardless of breed, it’s best practice to introduce nail clipping to your pet as early as possible so that it won’t be afraid later on.

Use a Tool You’re Comfortable With

There are various dog nail trimming tools out there; use the one that you find most comfortable. You can also ask your vet or dog groomer for recommendations. As an alternative to dog nail clippers, you can use dog nail grinders.

Ask Your Vet for a Demonstration

If you want to have a hands-on guide, feel free to ask your vet or pet groomer for a demonstration. 

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