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Practical Jobs to Give Your Dog

Close-up of dog holding newspaper in its mouth

Is your pet dog bored? Help your pet out with these practical ideas!

Like people, some dogs are better at some jobs than others. Different dog breeds have different strengths and weaknesses, and some may be attuned to specific lines of work. Everyone, including pet dogs, are happier when they have a purpose, especially working dogs. If you need to provide your pet with mental stimulation and purpose, consider these practical jobs to give your dog.

Finding Lost Items

One job is to help you find items or people. You can train them through games. You can give your dog something to smell and ask it to find the person related to it, like a hide-and-seek game. Alternatively, you can teach your pet to find objects according to their name. If you’ve lost your keys, glasses, or slippers, your dog can help you find it.

Retrieving Tools You Need

Similarly, you can teach your dog to give you a helping hand. For instance, your dog can pass different tools to you when you are working on your car or craft. If you dropped your hat, you can ask your dog to hand it to you politely. This trick is very useful for anyone who needs an assistant or has mobility issues.

Carting or Carrying Supplies

Some dogs are built to cart supplies. Harness them to a wagon or give it a basket, load it up, and let it transport the load to its destination. You might find it useful when hauling items from your car trunk to your house. It could be anything from groceries to garden supplies. Of course, don’t give your pet anything that is too heavy for it to pull or carry!

Helping You Clean Up

Does your home have a lot of clutter that needs sorting? An extra hand can make the work go faster. Your dog can help put things back in their bins or boxes, making your space tidier.

Guarding You and Your Family

Personal protection is a great job your dog can do, especially if you have young kids or live alone. You don’t need to train your dog to protect you if it comes naturally according to its breed and disposition. Overall, the dog should be well-socialized, have self-control, and be well under your control as a guard dog.

Being Your Companion

Of course, one great purpose for any pet is to be a companion. Animals bring joy to our lives, and our joy in our pets gives joy to them.

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