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Top Pet Fire Safety Tips

Top Pet Fire Safety Tips

Keep your pets safe from fire no matter the season with these tips!

In every season, fire is an essential part of our daily lives. We use electricity for lighting and cooking and may light the fire on the grill, fireplace, or scented candle. No matter what time of year it is, pet fire safety is an issue to keep in mind. According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost 800 pet-related house fires happen per year in the United States. Here are the best pet fire safety tips you can use to keep your pets safe.

Use Flameless Candles

While warm, scented candles are relaxing, they present an obvious potential fire hazard when pets are nearby. The best alternative to candles is flameless candles. Other options include fragrance diffusers and air fresheners; wax melters have hot plates that one ought to supervise.

Supervise Your Pets Around Fire

Fire doesn’t just come in one form. Fires could happen through a lamp falling over, the stove running for a long time, etc. Whenever you have an electrical source on in your home, or if there is any fire present, it is best to supervise it at all times, especially when your pets are present.

Keep Pets Away from the Grill

Sometimes, it is best to maintain pet fire safety from keeping your pet away from the source completely. If your pet can’t reach the area, it cannot run into harm. The grill is one such area where you might exercise that caution. If your pet is in the area, it may be best to keep it on a leash.

Prevent Kitchen Fires

Some pets will accidentally turn on the stove when they jump on the kitchen countertop. If your pet is prone to jumping on the countertops, especially when you are not at home, it is possible to find ways to guard your countertops or bar your pet from the kitchen altogether.

Have a Fire Emergency Plan

Even with many prevention measures, one should also have a fire emergency plan. One can place pet fire rescue stickers at your home’s entrances, have a monitored emergency alert system, and have a pet evacuation plan. Pet identification is also crucial should your pet run off in the scare.

Monitor Your Pet After a Fire

Hopefully, a fire never occurs in your house. However, one should make sure that their pet is not having difficulty breathing or becoming lethargic after such an event. Knowing the before, during, and after steps to take for pet fire safety increases the safety of your home. To be safe, you can also take your pet to the vet.

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