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What Is an Integrative Veterinarian?

What Is an Integrative Veterinarian?

Integrative veterinary practice can have incredible results for your pet.

Integrative veterinary practice is a relatively new phenomenon in the Western hemisphere. It may appear to be almost like magic at first, but this method is no mumbo-jumbo. It involves alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine such as holistic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, homotoxicology, homopathic medicine, neutraceuticals, chiropractics, and other types of therapy. So, what is an integrative veterinarian, and would your pet benefit from his treatment?

What Is an Integrative Approach?

A holistic approach to veterinary medicine describes a treatment to the body as a whole. The goal is to target the whole being rather than specific symptoms. In practice, holistic medicine may include a prescription for a lifestyle change, like diet or exercise. It may also include medical treatment like acupuncture, supplemental Chinese herbs in meals, veterinary osteopathic manipulation or chiropractic. A holistic approach should not be mistaken for these alternative treatments, though, as it combines multiple disciplines together. A holistic veterinarian will also take the pet’s emotional and mental wellbeing into consideration when forming a diagnosis. With an integrative approach, holistic therapies are combined with conventional medicine to try to help an animal quickly and completely.

What to Expect at an Appointment

While the prescriptions of an integrative veterinarian may be unusual to you, your pet’s appointment will follow more or less the same as that of a regular veterinarian with some extras. He or she may take a stool or urine sample, a blood sample, and check the body in all areas to make sure all is in good working order. A more inclusive history will often be reviewed to try to figure out any pre-existing concerns that led to your pet’s current condition. Your pet’s current energetics will be assessed during the physical exam.  However, you should expect to talk more with the vet about your pet’s condition than you usually might, and expect to put more effort into administering your pet’s treatment. 

Results of Integrative Veterinary Practices

Plenty of cases exist where integrative medicine healed an animal or person where traditional medicine ran out of options. While a symptom may be alleviated temporarily through traditional medicine, a holistic approach may be the way to heal the main cause of a pet’s suffering once and for all. Integrative medicine has seen amazing results and can offer something for your pet as well. 

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