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  • 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean this Year

    The dental health of your dog is an essential aspect of their overall health. Not only will healthy teeth allow them to eat and play comfortably, but they are also indicative of a clean mouth with minimal risk of infection…. Read More

  • How to Keep Your Dog Active and Healthy During Winter Months

    While some dogs may love a day spent in the snow, certain smaller and more sensitive breeds may have a difficult time getting outside on a chilly winter day. No matter how big or small your dog may be, physical… Read More

  • Why You Should Never Ignore this Unusual Cat Behavior

    Cats are known for plenty of quirky behaviors, but there is one behavior that could potentially be a sign of something serious. One such behavior is known as head pressing, in which a cat deliberately presses their head against a… Read More

  • 5 Winter Health and Safety Tips for Your Dog this Season

    With the start of February around the corner, winter weather is just now setting in for the season. The chilly temperatures and winter weather of this season also mean that it is time to take additional health and safety measures… Read More

  • Why Checkups are Essential for the Health of Your Pet

    Much like our annual visits to the doctor, checkups are an essential aspect of our pet’s health throughout the year. Not only are check-ups important for your pet to receive their vaccinations, but they are also crucial for preventative care… Read More

  • 3 Crucial Reasons to Vaccinate Your New Cat

    A new cat is a furry, fun addition to your family. However there a few crucial steps to follow to ensure that your new pet is healthy and safe in your home. Vaccinations are an essential measure of protecting your… Read More

  • 4 Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet in 2019

    If the new year also means the new addition of a pet to your family, there is so much to consider regarding their health and wellbeing. However, some decisions should be no-brainers, especially when they provide endless benefits to the… Read More

  • Why Dermatology Services for Your Pet are an Important Aspect of Their Overall Health

    While your pet’s behavior, activity, and eating habits are all indicative of their health, do you also know of another crucial indicator? Much like their demeanor, your pet’s physical appearance, more specifically the health of their coat and skin, is… Read More

  • How to Recognize the Signs that Your Pet May be in Pain

    Much like humans, our pets may experience pain for a number of reasons. From aging to depression, their behavior, as well as their physical activity levels, may change if something is not right. As your pet’s caretaker, it is crucial… Read More

  • 4 Benefits of Regular Bathing for Your Dog

    While many different beliefs surround how often you should bathe your dog, a warm bath is almost always an enjoyable treat for your pet. In addition to keeping your dog clean after playing outside and running around the yard, there… Read More