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Disaster Prep for Dogs

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May 8th is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day! Here’s how to prepare for your canine friend.

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is May 8th! It’s a time to raise awareness of the need to be ready for any event concerning your pet’s wellbeing. A disaster could be an earthquake, a tornado, a hurricane, a fire, a flood, etc. In light of National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, we’re sharing this guide for disaster prep for dogs.

Disaster Preparedness for Dogs: 7 Tips

Keep All Paperwork in Two Places

Paperwork includes proof of registration, vaccination records, medical records, and photos of you and your pet. Keep physical records in one place, ideally in a flat waterproof bag. It is also a good idea to keep these records digitally accessible.

Keep an Emergency Travel Kit for Your Pet

An emergency travel kit for your pet should be part of your emergency resources. While you can store emergency supplies for yourself, prepare for your pet with a stash of its medications, food, water, feeding bowls, favorite items, first aid kit, and clean-up supplies.

Know Your Local Emergency Shelters and Hospitals

Does your area have any pet-friendly evacuation shelters and pet hospitals? Do you have a contact for emergency pet care should you need to be called away? Although it is unlikely to ever need to run to an evacuation shelter, it’s best to be armed with the right contacts. If your pet needs emergency care in Baltimore, Pasadena, or Cross Keys, you can add Everhart Veterinary Hospital to your list!

Keep up Your Pet’s Health

The better health your pet is in, the better prepared it will be for a disaster and exposure to diseases. Make sure your pet has all its vaccines, and take care of your own health as well!

Identify Your Pet

Ensure your pet has a collar with accurate information on it, like its address and your phone number. As an extra precaution, have your pet microchipped for permanent identification and ensure the contact information on it is up to date.

Stay Abreast of Disaster Warnings and Updates

Actions can make all the difference. If you anticipate severe weather, keep up with live warnings and updates so you can take appropriate actions to get to safety.

Comfort Your Dog and Keep It Close

Your pets can’t fend for themselves, but you can prepare and care for them, especially in an emergency. Disaster prep for dogs includes comforting them and keeping them close during an event.

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