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Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Keep your pets safe this spooky season with these top tips!

Halloween is approaching, and so are all kinds of fall festivities. Parties can be a bit chaotic, and even more so when the party spans the neighborhood. Halloween celebrations come with lights, decorations amok, plenty of candy, and, of course, the trick-or-treaters! Check out these Halloween safety tips for pets that will help keep your furry companions calm when spooky visitors come to your door this year.

Keep Halloween Candy Away from Pets

Halloween candy is NOT for pets. Should any of it contain xylitol, a sugar alcohol, your pet could die and will require extensive veterinary treatment. Candy with raisins and chocolate also pose a life-threatening veterinary emergency. If you think your pet has eaten anything it shouldn’t, have the poison control center’s phone number on hand for an emergency. 

Prevent one in the first place by keeping an eye on your pets’ movements around any candy, and keep the candy off-limits. If your pet is really tempted to sniff it out, occupy its attention with a treat that it can enjoy. Reward your pet with praise for choosing it over the Halloween candy.

Keep Your Pets in a Closed, Quiet Room

Pets, especially cats, can get nervous when strangers come to the door or any change in its environment occurs. If you have an anxious pet or one that will likely bark or growl at dressed-up visitors, then it is better to keep it in a closed room far from the front door. Give your pet plenty of toys to keep it occupied.

Beware of Dangerous Halloween Decorations

Most pets will not have a problem with your Halloween decorations, indoor or outdoor. However, if you do notice that your cat has a conundrum with certain decorations, wanting to attack them, it may be better to do away with them altogether. 

If you use natural decorations, be sure that your pets do not end up gnawing on rotting pumpkins, squash, etc., that would make them sick.

Choose Pet Halloween Costumes Wisely

Do you have a social family pet that loves to be part of the action? If you are thinking of buying a pet Halloween costume, make sure its materials are of good quality and that it fits your dog well. You can also consider your pet’s personality when choosing an outfit! Be sure that your pet is comfortable with it on.

Make Sure Your Pet Has Identification

Whether you are keeping your pet indoors or outdoors this Halloween, someone should be able to identify your pet if it gets loose. Two of the best ways to identify your pet are to microchip it and use an ID collar; plenty of pet owners do both.

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