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  • 5 Fall Health Tips for Your Dog this November

    With November finally here, now is a great time to get outside with your dog and enjoy the beautiful fall weather! While the comfortable temperatures are especially appealing for spending time outdoors before winter, there are a few critical health… Read More

  • How the Right Vet Can Make a Significant Difference in the Care of Your Pet

    Your pets are a part of your family. Why not give them the care and compassion that they deserve? With the right veterinarian to care for your pet throughout their life, you can ensure that their lives will be happy,… Read More

  • Phase Out of Certain Flea and Tick Collars

    After multiple petitions to the EPA by concerned consumers, Sergeant’s Pet Care Products INC. and Wellmark International came to a voluntary agreement to phase out flea and tick collars that use the ingredient “Propoxur”. Propoxur is a dangerous chemical and… Read More

  • AoVet Conference

    Dr. Goodman is currently in Columbus, Ohio at the AOVET conference where he will lealearn advanced orthopedic surgical techniques. AOVET is made up of a researchers, scientists, surgeons and specialized practitioners whose mission it is to advance veterinary surgery. Dr…. Read More

  • Seasonal Allergies and Your Pet

    Spring is finally here and so is allergy season! For us that means runny nose, respiratory issues and itchy watery eyes. What about your furry friends? Your pets are just as susceptible to allergies as us. However, the symptoms can… Read More

  • Is your Pet Overweight?

    Project Plump Pets is a weight loss program designed by our very own, soon to be registered technician, Allison Jenkins. After an exam with your veterinarian, if your pet is in need of losing some weight, your chart is forwarded… Read More

  • S.T.A.R.

    CSR Allie is our S.T.A.R of the day for her flawless phone skills! Allie helped a new client figure his way through the web of puppy vaccines and boosters, fully explained what they all were for and our prices. The… Read More

  • Why Annual Visits are Important for Your Pet

    Lacey, is 9 year old cocker spaniel, new client, who came to Everhart for a wellness exam and to check a lump that presented on her ear. Lacey had a comprehensive physical performed at her visit where it was discovered… Read More

  • Why Flea and Tick Preventatives are important for your pet

    Meghan is the owner of Riley, a 5 year old terrier mix. Riley had been acting fine at home but Meghan noticed there were little white worms in Riley’s stool. She brought Riley’s stool sample to Everhart recently to be… Read More

  • April is Heartworm and Lyme disease Awareness Month!

    April is Heartworm prevention and Lyme disease awareness in pets, month. Pets are infected with heartworms via a mosquito bite. An infected mosquito releases infected larvae into the bloodstream and within 6 months, adult worms, which can live up to… Read More